NM Site – wk 12

On week 12 I began to understand the process of creating a custom them on WordPress – bout time right?! Well it felt good to be seeing the site live and looking like the original designs. Even when adding new pages the site still felt really good. However, this was a zoomed out macro accomplishment. There were still so many details to figure out.

My first goal was to determine and organize the different types of posts a user would make on the site. Then I started researching how to create custom post types so that the usability of the backend of the site remained simple and intuitive.

I wanted the new site to have very limited static content if any, so I challenged myself with only making the absolutely necessary changes to the php templates (which included the code that dynamically brings in the correct content inputted by the user) and building the rest in the dashboard using Visual Composer much like any other person will have to when updating the site with new pages/posts in the future.

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