NM Site – Week 5

This week I planned my new perspective on the project as discussed in my last post. As creative director, designer and project manager of this project, I asked myself what is my next move? I began to really look at the calendar and our deadline. I began making lists of what we needed to accomplish because I graduate in May. This site has to be done by the end of the semester and if you have ever been a part of a web design process than you know that it almost always takes longer than expected (maybe that’s how everything is actually). Nevertheless, my goal now was to deliver this project completed by May 4.

I knew we would need some help and not only would this outside involvement benefit the project as a whole but I discovered how it would benefit me as a professional. Now I had the opportunity to truly orchestrate and oversee a completely custom website project from concept to completion.

Now we’re on a roll.

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